Win Percy Interview

Win Percy Interview.  The world’s number one touring car driver joined Dave James for a chat about his exciting and dramatic racing career!

Win Percy Interview

Win Percy Interview

By Dave James.

Win Percy is often described as “the world’s number one touring car driver”, and I was lucky enough to be able to interview him recently.  As a child I remember watching Win race at Donington Park and seeing him on the TV driving the iconic Silk Cut Jaguar at Le Mans.


Win now lives here on the Costa Del Sol, where the climate suits his physical needs following a botched NHS operation which left him partially paralysed.  In our interview, Win touches upon the operation and how his disability isn’t stopping him taking part in local motor sport events.

Win Percy’s Le Man Crash

I was really excited to ask Win about his famous high speed smash in the middle of the night at Le Mans, and delighted to hear his recollection of the event.  We also talk about how his racing career took off, his successes in Australia, and knocking on the door of Formula 1.

Win Percy Jaguar Silk Cut
The famous Silk Cut Jaguar

It’s been a real pleasure for me to meet Win Percy, a truly nice man and a great storyteller.  One of Britain’s great race car drivers!  If you enjoyed this interview, please check out Win’s fantastic book which is available on Amazon now.  Click here for the book!

Win Percy Interview

Win Percy Interview

Win Percy Interview
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