1551 New Coronavirus Cases In Andalucia

1551 New Coronavirus Cases In Andalucia. The region has recorded it’s second highest number of new infections in a 24 hour period since the beginning of the pandemic.

1551 New Coronavirus Cases In Andalucia.

1551 New Coronavirus Cases In Andalucia

The total number of new coronavirus cases in Andalucia over the last 24 hours is 1551.  Andalucia registered 12 covid-19 deaths yesterday.  The highest number of daily infections was recorded on Friday 18th September when 1242 people tested positive for covid-19 in Andalucia.

Malaga has reported the highest number of new infections in the last 24 hours, with 511 cases being confirmed.  Other figures in Andalucia include Sevilla with 405, and Cadiz have 200 new cases.

There are currently 1019 patients in hospital around Andalucia, 136 of those are in intensive care units.  In Malaga there are 213 people in hospital with coronavirus, 31 are in intensive care.


Recoveries In Andalucia

The latest figures from the Junta De Andalucia have confirmed that 53,721 people have tested positive for coronavirus here.  25,590 people have now recovered from the virus in Andalucia.

Published: 24.09.2020

Written by Dave James

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1551 New Coronavirus Cases In Andalucia
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