20 Tonnes Of Rubbish Removed After San Juan

20 Tonnes Of Rubbish Removed After San Juan.  Beach cleaning teams have completed the clean up after the San Juan celebrations on the Costa Del Sol.

20 Tonnes Of Rubbish Removed After San Juan

20 Tonnes Of Rubbish Removed After San Juan

Beach cleaning crews have collected twenty tonnes of rubbish this morning after the San Juan night celebrations.  The company responsible for the clean up, Limasam, employed 218 people and used 68 machines to complete the job.  Tractors, flushers, rubbish collectors, and special sand filters were used by the team to bring the beaches back up to the usual standards.

The clean up operation began at 5.30am and was completed by 10.30am.  Teresa Porras is the councilor responsible for this task.  She has thanked the public for using the bins and rubbish disposal facilities which were provided, and says that there were no incidents of rubbish bins being set alight this year.

Published: 24.06.2022

Written by Dave James.


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20 Tonnes Of Rubbish Removed After San Juan
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