BBQ Ban Begins Today On The Costa Del Sol

BBQ Ban Begins Today On The Costa Del Sol.  The summer ban on BBQs and bonfires in Andalucia begins two weeks earlier than originally planned.

BBQ Ban Begins Today On The Costa Del Sol. 

BBQ Ban Begins Today On The Costa Del Sol

The annual ban on barbecues and bonfires in Andalucia begins today (Monday 16th May 2023) and will last until at least the 15th October.  The dry spring and high temperatures have prompted the move by Plan Infoca and the Junta De Andalucia.  The specialist fire fighters at Infoca have also seen their budget increased by 27% this summer.

All barbecues are banned within 400 feet of woodland and forests, and binfires must not be lit in fields.  The ban even includes designated barbecue spaces at public campsites.  The police have promised to strictly enforce this ban, and will be patrolling public spaces to check for fires and barbecues.  Some tourist establishments, restaurants, and educational camps are permitted to have fires and barbecues, but only with a permit from the local town hall.

Published: 16.05.2023

Written by Dave James.


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BBQ Ban Begins Today On The Costa Del Sol
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