Clock Change Confusion In Spain

Clock Change Confusion In Spain.  Spanish government cancel daylight saving time and order all clocks to be turned back one hour.

Clock Change Confusion In Spain

Clock Change Confusion In Spain

There is confusion in Spain today as the government have announced that daylight saving time has been cancelled with immediate effect.  This means that the clock change which took place on Sunday morning must now be reversed.

The government have given two key reasons for the surprise change.  Juan Reloj from the Ministry For Unexpected Time Changes says “Because of the lockdown, we don’t need the extra daylight hour that the change on Sunday created.  Secondly, we all want this lockdown to end as soon as possible.  By moving the clocks, it means that it will end an hour earlier than scheduled, which is certain to be a positive boost for the nation”.

Car Clock

Anne Hernandez has found changing the clock on her Rolls Royce for the second time this week to be inconvenient.

The announcement is being met with surprise by expats on the Costa Del Sol.  Anne Hernandez from Brexpats In Spain says “I’m trying my best to stay calm, but we are receiving such vague information from the government it’s hard to make sense of it.  This latest barmy idea gives us one hour less of the lockdown – but it took me 30 minutes to change the clock on my car on Sunday! I’m outraged”.

Guardia Civil

Police will be stopping motorists to check their clocks this morning.

Police Enforcing Time Change

Spanish Police will be enforcing the DST revocation with random checks on drivers.  Whilst checking paperwork for essential travel during the lockdown they will also be checking vehicle clocks.  Drivers with clocks showing the wrong time will be subject to on the spot fines of up to €200.

Published: 01.04.2020

Written by Dave James

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Clock Change Confusion In Spain

Clock Change Confusion In Spain

Clock Change Confusion In Spain
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