Costa Del Sol Weather Set For Sudden Change

Costa Del Sol Weather Set For Sudden Change.  Temperatures are expected to drop sharply with an 80% chance of rain on Friday and Saturday.

Costa Del Sol Weather Set For Sudden Change

Costa Del Sol Weather Set For Sudden Change

The warm weather and sunshine is set to change suddenly on the Costa Del Sol this weekend.  Spain’s national weather agency (AEMET) is saying that the effects of an anticyclone in Azores will be felt in Malaga province. Temperatures are expecedt to drop by as much as 9c on Friday and Saturday, with an 80% chance of rain.   Top temperatures will be around 21c on these days.

The rain is unlikely to be severe enough to warrant any weather warnings.  It is expected to fall on Friday evening and Saturday morning.  Rain will be welcomed by the agricultural sector which has been hit hard by the ongoing drought this year.

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Published: 11.05.2023

Written by Dave James.


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Costa Del Sol Weather Set For Sudden Change
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