Cover Up Or Cough Up

Cover Up Or Cough Up – Marbella Police will be imposing fines on tourists who tarnish the area’s image

Cover Up Or Cough Up

Marbella town hall has announced plans to improve the image of Marbella and Puerto Banus by tackling tourists who behave anti socially and dress inappropriately.  This includes men going shirtless in some areas of the towns.


Javier Porcuna is the councillor for security.  He says that recent situations of anti-social behaviour from tourists will no longer be tolerated.  This isn’t a direct reaction to the recent hit and run incident in front of a Puerto Banus beach club, he says that these plans have been in the pipeline for some time.

He said that bars will also be watched more closely.  “We are not talking about using powers which are beyond our means, but there are licences which are granted at our total discretion, and when looking at those we will analyse in detail whether we are contributing to the improvement of the Puerto Banús product or whether we are taking a step backwards”.

Written by Dave James

Published: 13.06.2017

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Cover Up Or Cough Up
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