Expat Prevents Possible Child Kidnapping In Calahonda

Expat Prevents Possible Child Kidnapping In Calahonda – a British woman warned children when she saw two suspicious men following them in a car

Expat Prevents Possible Child Kidnapping In Calahonda

A British mum who was walking her dogs in Riviera Del Sol may have saved a group of children from a kidnapping attempt.  35 year old Vicki Reid was walking on Calle Sirocco when she saw two men in a car watching a group of 11 to 13 years old playing.

One of the men got out of the car and began following the children.  He was carrying a bottle of unidentified liquid.  When he realised he’d been spotted, the man darted into some nearby bushes to conceal himself.  When Ms. Reid shouted the the children to warn them, the man ran back to the vehicle and drove off with his accomplice.  Ms. Reid took the children to her home and contacted the police immediately.



One of the men had shaved blonde hair, whilst the other had darker hair.  They were driving a black seat with paw print stickers on the boot.  Ms. Reid said “I’m still shaking and cannot believe what could’ve happened if I had not been turning that corner at that precise moment”.

Similar Incidents

On Good Friday a woman in Estepona described how a man tried to abduct a child after offering him sweets.  You can read more about that here

Written by Dave James

Published: 12.05.2017

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Expat Prevents Possible Child Kidnapping In Calahonda
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