F18 Fighter Jets Flying From Malaga

F18 Fighter Jets Flying From Malaga.  Six of the Spanish airforce fighter jets will be flying missions from Malaga airbase until Thursday.

F18 Fighter Jets Flying From Malaga

F18 Fighter Jets Flying From Malaga

Six of the legendary F-18 fighter jets can be seen flying over the Costa Del Sol from Malaga airport this week.  The Spanish airforce are operating the jets on an activation mission until Thursday 10th November.  Colonel Francisco de Paz explains how activation is different from traditional manouvers.  “It is the same sort of hunting mission that these aircraft fly for 365 days a year in the peninsula and the Canary Islands.   The mission is to go out and monitor the airspace, when the radar detects some type of unidentified aircraft.”

Fighter Jets Unarmed

The planes may be visible from the ground on the Costa Del Sol, though an airforce spokesperson says that the only real impact the flights will have on residents is the noise during take off and landing.  All the missions will be carried out over the mediterannean, and the planes will not be armed.

F18 EF18 Fighter Jet

The EF-18s will be flying from Malaga until Thursday.

Spanish Airforce EF-18

The F18 has recently starred in the Hollywood blockuster Top Gun Maverick.  The planes owned by the Spanish airforce are visually identical to the American fighter jets seen in the movie, though there have been modifications made mainly to the software and operating systems .  The jets operated by the Spanish airforce are classified as EF-18.

Published: 08.11.2022

Written by Dave James.


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F18 Fighter Jets Flying From Malaga
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