Facemasks Must Be Worn In Public

Facemasks Must Be Worn In Public.  People in Andalucia will be required to wear a facemask in all public spaces, with those who don’t comply facing fines.

Facemasks Must Be Worn In Public

Facemasks Must Be Worn In Public

Everyone in Andalucia will be required by law to wear a facemask in all public spaces (both indoors and outdoors) from Wednesday.  The regional president has confirmed today that the new law has passed a vote, and will come into effect.  Police are being encouraged to enforce this new law, as details of penalties for those caught not wearing a mask are expected to be confirmed on Tuesday.

Juanma Moreno

The Junta President is asking people to make an effort.

The Junta President has said he understands people may not want to wear masks, but their use is necessary.  “I know it can be uncomfortable” Juanma Morena said, “but I’m asking you to make an effort.  Today’s prevention is a guarantee for the future to avoid contagion”.

Exceptions Will Be Made

Exceptions to the new law will be made for people who can’t function with a mask due to a genuine medical or mental health reason.  Doctors are able to write an exemption certificate, which can be presented to police when needed.


A Minor Inconvenience

Local resident Teresa Morris is supporting the new law.  “If it helps stop the virus, it’s a minor inconvenience.  All these people complaining are pathetic and selfish.  The masks are a bit stuffy but they don’t reduce the amount of oxygen we breathe and they certainly can’t be dangerous.”

Published: 13.07.2020

Written by Dave James

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Facemasks Must Be Worn In Public
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