Fighter Jets Flying Over The Costa Del Sol

Fighter Jets Flying Over The Costa Del Sol.  Six supersonic fighter jets are using Malaga airport as a base for training exercises.

Fighter Jets Flying Over The Costa Del Sol

Fighter Jets Flying Over The Costa Del Sol

Supersonic fighter jets can be seen and heard over the Costa Del Sol this week.  The Spanish airforce is operating six Eurofighter military jets from Malaga airport until the 16h February.  The Typhoon C16 fighters will mainly be flying over the Alboran Sea.  A military spokesperson has said that flights over Malaga city will be minimised to avoid disruption and noise disturbances.

The joint exercise between the army, navy, and airforce is aimed at improving efficiency in the event of a national security threat.  The Quick Reacton Alert missions will have pilots and crews ready to tackle any threat within 15 minutes

Aviation enthusiasts have been watching the jets take off and land at Malaga airport, where they are hopeful of spotting other fighter jets including F18s which could be used as part of the exercises.

Published: 14.02.2024

Written by Dave James.


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Fighter Jets Flying Over The Costa Del Sol
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