Iberian Lynx Population Boost

Iberian Lynx Population Boost.  Breeding programmes have been so successful recently that the Iberian Lynx could be taken off the “endangered species” list in Andalucia.

Iberian Lynx Population Boost

Iberian Lynx Population Boost

Conservation and breeding programmes designed to protect and increase the Iberian Lynx population have been so successful that the species could soon be taken off the endangered list.  Regional President Juanma Moreno said recently that whilst the lynx is still vulnerable, it may not be considered endangered for much longer.  “Andalucía has a challenge ahead of it. It is a vulnerable region in terms of environmental and climate change and consolidating our environment, our way of life and the quality of nature, requires a major effort”.

The “Lynx Connect Life Programme” is working with the regional government to introduce new genes by mixing existing groups of lynx, and releasing animals from breeding programmes into the wild.  Juanma Moreno said during a press conference last week that so far 133 Iberian lynx have been released through the programme, 98 of those came from breeding centres.  There are thought to be just over 1300 Iberian lynx living in the wild in Spain.

Published: 20.02.2023

Written by Dave James.

Main photo credit – Mike Watson


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Iberian Lynx Population Boost
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