Laguna Village To Be Rebuilt Before Easter

Laguna Village To Be Rebuilt Before Easter.  The Mayor of Estepona wants the centre up and running again as quickly as possible.Laguna Village Estepona

Laguna Village To Be Rebuilt Before Easter

Laguna Village could be rebuilt and reopened by Easter 2021.  The Mayor of Estepona is working closely with the owners of the complex to ensure that the work is carried out as quickly as possible.  José María García Urbano said “The council’s priority is to bring back this iconic shopping and tourist area for the town and that the two hundred workers get their jobs back as soon as possible”.

The land which was devastated by fire is owned by Estepona council and leased to the owners of Laguna Village.  The lease is due to run until 2060.  The owners of the complex have said they are determined to rebuild quickly.

Laguna Village Fire Investigation

Investigators inspect the building where the fire began.

Suspects Released On Bail

Laguna Village was devastated by a fire which ripped through the complex, and also destroyed Puro Beach.  The fire was started by an electrical fault in an illegal building to the north of the area.  The couple arrested and accused of being responsible for the fire have been released on bail.

Published: 07.09.2020

Written by Dave James

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Laguna Village To Be Rebuilt Before Easter
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