Laguna Village Fire Starters Face Court

Laguna Village Fire Starters Face Court.  A couple charged with starting the fire which destroyed Laguna Village in Estepona will face a judge today.

Laguna Village Fire Starters Face Court

Laguna Village Fire Starters Face Court

The couple arrested for starting a devastating fire on Saturday are appearing in court today.  The couple are aged 43 and 51.  They have been charged with arson through gross negligence and electricity fraud.

Laguna Village Fire Investigation

Investigators inspect the building where the fire began.

Illegal Electricity Supply

Investigators discovered that the fire, which destroyed more than 40 hectares of land, began in an illegal building to the north of Laguna Village near Estepona.  The building had been receiving an illegal electricity supply from another hut about 100m away, with just one cable running through the grassland.  The fire was started by a spark from a device connected to the illegal power supply.  Appliances found inside the burned out building included an electrical frying pan and a fan.

Laguna Village Fire Mayor Visit

The mayor has visited the ruins of Laguna Village.


Laguna Village Destroyed

The fire quickly spread from the illegal building over the A7 motorway, and consumed the Laguna Village shopping centre along with Purobeach.  The Kempinsky hotel also suffered minor damage.   The Mayor of Estepona has promised that the council will act quickly to rebuild the complex.

Published: 02.09.2020

Written by Dave James

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Laguna Village Fire Starters Face Court
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