Plan To Protect Donkeys Rejected

Plan To Protect Donkeys Rejected.  Politicians have dismissed a proposal to improve the working conditions of donkeys in Mijas.

Plan To Protect Donkeys Rejected

Plan To Protect Donkeys Rejected

Politicians have thrown out a plan which had aimed to improve conditions for working donkeys in Mijas.  The proposal included limiting the weight a donkey would carry to 80kg, improving sanitation in their rest areas, and an area where the animals would be able to run freely.

PP Councillor Mario Bravo put forward the proposals, following several reported donkey deaths and members of the public have been complaining about inaction.  As the council are now setting up an action group to look into the issue in more depth, Mr. Bravo has said “We have had four years of inaction. If you don’t support this, tell us what you will propose.”

Mario Bravo

Mario Bravo’s proposal has been rejected.

Residents Appalled

Mijas resident Trisha Bennett said “It’s awful, we see these poor animals being over worked in the hottest conditions.  I’m appalled that after years of protesting and complaining the politicians have said no to a fairly basic proposal.”


Published: 29.08.2019

Written by Dave James

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Plan To Protect Donkeys Rejected

Plan To Protect Donkeys Rejected

Plan To Protect Donkeys Rejected
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