Regional Government Plans To Close Borders

Regional Government Plans To Close Borders. Andalucia’s regional President says “I’m pessimistic about keeping the region open”.

Regional Government Plans To Close Borders

Regional Government Plans To Close Borders

Andalucia is set to close it’s borders ahead of this weekend’s All Saints holiday.   Regional President Juanma Moreno said this morning that he is in favour of closing the borders, although the decision won’t be confirmed until tomorrow.

Juanma Moreno

Regional President Juanma Moreno wants the borders to be closed.

All Saints Weekend

All Saints weekend usually sees an increase in the number of visitors to the region.  Sr. Morena believes that with the current situation continuing to escalate, it would be better to stop the influx of visitors.  “To be honest, today, considering this morning’s numbers of patients in hospital and ICUs, I don’t think this is a good time for an influx of visitors” he said.  “I’m pessimistic about keeping the region open this weekend.”

Published: 27.10.2020

Written by Dave James


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Regional Government Plans To Close Borders
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