Spain Celebrates Record Breaking Tourism Figures

Spain Celebrates Record Breaking Tourism Figures.  82.8 million foreign tourists visited Spain in 2018, the highest number ever recorded.

Spain Celebrates Record Breaking Tourism Figures

Spain Celebrates Record Breaking Tourism Figures

Spain is celebrating a record set of tourism figures, which have grown for the sixth year in a row.  In 2018 over 82.8 million foreign tourists visited Spain, spending in the region of 90 billion euros.  This is a 3.3% increase on the year before. Travel experts say that the record figures show that Spain continues to offer what visitors are looking for.

British Tourist Figures Drop

The overall number of Brits visiting Spain has declined though, with a drop of 1.6% being recorded.  However, Brits still make up the largest  foreign group of tourists.  18.5 million Brits visited Spain in 2018.


Despite the overall increase in visitor numbers, some local businesses are saying that 2018 did not meet their expectations.   Cathy Perkins owns a cafe bar in Torremolinos and believes that it will continue to be tough for businesses which rely on tourism.  “2018 did not feel like a record breaking year to be honest” she said.  “Most of the cafes and bars seemed to be much quieter than we would have expected, takings were down for me on 2017, and I think this year could be even harder with Bexit on the horizon”.

Published: 05.02.2019

Written by Dave James

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Spain Celebrates Record Breaking Tourism Figures
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