Spain Prepares For The New Normal

Spain Prepares For The New Normal.  When the state of alarm ends on the 21st June, the country will enter into a period being called “The New Normal”.

Spain Prepares For The New Normal

Spain Prepares For The New Normal

When the current State Of Alarm ends on the 21st June, Spain will enter a period which is being called “The New Normal”.  There is no end date proposed for this period.  The Health Minister Salvador Illa says that this phase will be in place until the government declares that “the crisis is over”.

Coronavirus Confirmed In Andalucia

Facemasks must be work in all indoor public spaces.

Compulsory Facemasks

The decree, which has been approved by parliament, cements the need to wear a face mask in public.  Masks must be worn in all indoor public spaces where the 1.5 metre social distancing policy is not possible.  The rule will be enforced with €100 on the spot fines.  It will not be compulsory to wear a mask outdoors, though this could change if the government deem it necessary.


International Travel

Travelling within Spain will be allowed from the 22nd June, though restrictions could be implemented if a particular area suffers a spike in coronavirus cases.  International travel from other European countries will resume on the 1st July.

Published: 12.06.2020

Written by Dave James

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Spain Prepares For The New Normal
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