Storm Warnings Extended On The Costa Del Sol

Storm Warnings Extended On The Costa Del Sol.  Spain’s national weather agency has extended the weather warnings to include Saturday.

Orange Weather Warning For The Costa Del Sol

Storm Warnings Extended On The Costa Del Sol

The Costa Del Sol is being battered by torrential train, which is likely to continue into next week.  AEMET (Spain’s national weather agency) has now amended and extended the weather warnings which are in place.  On Thursday the 7th January the weather warning  is at the yellow alert level.  On Friday the alert level is being raised to orange, and on Saturday the level returns to yellow.

Weather experts are saying that 200mm of rain could fall in some parts of the Malaga province, which is a fifth of the average annual rainfall.  Storm Filomena arrived in southern Spain on Wednesday morning.

See the full forecast for the Costa Del Sol here.

Storm Warnings Extended On The Costa Del Sol

Malaga Airport Delays

Adverse weather conditions can sometimes cause delays at Malaga airport.  Check which flights are affected with out live flight tracker here.

Types Of Weather Warnings

Yellow: Be aware. Severe weather is possible over the next few days and could affect people in the concerned area. Yellow means that you should plan ahead thinking about possible travel delays, or the disruption of your day-to-day activities.

Orange: Be prepared. There is an increased likelihood of bad weather affecting people in the concerned area, which could potentially disrupt people’s plans and possibly cause travel delays, road and rail closures, interruption to power and the potential risk to life and property.

Red: Take action. Extreme weather is expected. Red means people in the concerned areas should take action now to keep themselves and others safe from the impact of the weather. Widespread damage, travel and power disruption and risk to life is likely.

Published: 07.01.2021

Written by Dave James.


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Storm Warnings Extended On The Costa Del Sol
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