Swimming Pools Being Filled With Sand

Swimming Pools Being Filled With Sand.  To ensure compliance with the Costa Del Sol water restrictions all private and public swimming pools are to be filled with sand.

Swimming Pools Being Filled With Sand

Swimming Pools Being Filled With Sand

The current drought situation on the Costa Del Sol has led to a recent ban on swimming pools being filled up.  This has caused confusion amongst business owners, tourists, and residents.  To make things simpler and ensure complete compliance the local parliament has announced drastic measures to prevent pools being filled with water.

All swimming pools on the Costa Del Sol must be completely filled in with sand.  A spokesperson from Costa Recreation And Pools said “We just can’t trust people not to put water in their pools.  Sand is the solution!  It provides the same structural support to the swimming pool walls as water, and no one can swim in it”.

Pool Sand

A government official pictured installing sand in an above ground pool near Marbella.

Sand Deliveries

Hotels and home owners will begin receiving deliveries of sand this morning.  Only sand from the official Costa Del Sol sand supplier may be used – severe fines will be imposed on anyone found to be filling their swimming pools with sand from the beaches.

Pool Sand Truck

Pool owners on the Costa Del Sol have started receiving deliveries of sand this morning.

Residents concerned about the cost of getting enough sand to fill a swimming pool are relieved to hear that the government is paying for it.  Senor Estanque De Arena told 93.6 Global Radio “We must all do our bit to help.  The government is paying for the sand to fill the swimming pools.  All we ask is that the pool owners cover the cost of delivery, which is a very reasonable €194 and can be paid in cash.”

Paddling Pool Sand

Even children’s paddling pools must be filled with sand.

There is already some opposition to the mandate from Brits living on the Costa Del Sol.  Dennis Patterson lives in Coin and told us “I have a very large villa with a very large garden and a very large swimming pool in the middle of it.  If I wanted a very large sandpit I’d have bought a very large sandpit.  I’ve already complained to my friends on Facebook but nothing has been done about it”.

Others have welcomed the move to prevent people filling up their pools with water.  Sheila Blige in Estepona said “Actually I think the pool looks quite nice filled with sand, it’s not going to go brown and mouldy and have tadpoles swimming it.” 

Published: 01.04.2024

Written by Barb Dwyer.


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Swimming Pools Being Filled With Sand
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