Temperatures Set To Soar On The Costa Del Sol

Temperatures Set To Soar On The Costa Del Sol.  Summer has arrived with this week’s weather forecast predicting high temperatures and sunny days.

Temperatures Set To Soar On The Costa Del Sol

Temperatures Set To Soar On The Costa Del Sol

Summer has arrived on the Costa Del Sol!  This week the temperature is rising dramatically as clear skies and sunshine are forecast.  Coastal temperatures will have daytime peaks between 25c and 30c this week, and overnight lows of 18c. Humidity levels at night will reach 69% at times. Inland areas will experience higher daytime temperatures of up to 32c.

There are currently no weather warnings in place.  Click here to see the full local forecast.

UV Index

The UV index is “very high” for the first time this year.  Health experts are reminding us to wear sunscreen and reapply it frequently, especially with children.  Local animal charities are warning of the dangers which hot weather can pose to animals.  The interior temperature of a car can be lethal for pets who should not be left unattended.

Published: 16.05.2022

Written by Dave James.


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Temperatures Set To Soar On The Costa Del Sol
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