93.6 Global Radio Listeners Win €5000 Hot Tub

93.6 Global Radio Listeners Win €5000 Hot Tub – Neil in Benalmadena has taken delivery of his new hot tub from Favells which he won in our “Win A Hot Tub” contest

93.6 Global Radio Listeners Win €5000 Hot Tub

Neil and his wife Marie have just taken delivery of their brand new hot tub from Favells in Fuengirola!  93.6 Global Radio filled up a hot tub with water and balls, and Neil guessed that there were 963 balls floating in it.

The hot tub filled with water and balls in the Favell’s showroom

Neil’s guess (assisted by his wife!) was the closest.  There were actually 952 balls floating in the hot tub.

Hot Tub Fuengirola

Neil and Marie with their new hot tub

The prize included delivery and installation, along with cava and luxury canapes prepared by Steven Saunders from the Little Geranium.

Little Geranium

Steven and Neil from the Little Geranium at work in the kitchen

The Little Geranium La Cala

Steven and Neil putting the finishing touches to the canapes

Adam from Favells had the hot tub installed and running in less than two hours.  Neil said “I can’t believe how quickly it all happened, I’m so impressed with Favells”.

Hot Tub Fuengirola

Adam from Favells installing the €5000 hot tub

Hot Tub Costa Del Sol

Adam from Favells explains the hot tub controls to Neil

When the hot tub was installed, 93.6 Global Radio presenter Dave James officially presented it to Neil and Marie, who were both relieved that he didn’t turn up in leopard print speedos ready for a dip.

Global Radio Competition Winners

Neil, Marie, and Dave James

Celebrity Chef Steven Saunders from The Little Geranium restaurant in La Cala offered to bring cava and cook canapes in Neil and Marie’s home.

Little Geranium La Cala

Neil and Marie enjoying cava and canapes with Steven Saunders

Neil and Marie can’t wait to take a dip in the new hot tub, which will take just a few hours to heat up.  Marie said “I was walking round the supermarket when Neil phoned me to say he’d just had a call from 93.6 Global Radio to say we’d won the hot tub, we both thought it was a wind up at first, we’re so happy to have won it!”

Neil agreed “yes, I did think it was a wind up at first! We’re so pleased with this prize from 93.6 Global Radio and Favells, it’s perfect.  Thankyou to Steven and Neil from The Little Geranium as well, the food is beautiful, Marie and I love their restaurant”.

Hot Tub Winners

Dave James, Neil, Marie, Steven Saunders, and Neil Scott



Written by Dave James

Published: 22.05.2017

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93.6 Global Radio Listeners Win €5000 Hot Tub
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