Andalucia Welcomes Refugees

Andalucia Welcomes Refugees.  Almost 10,000 Ukranian refugees have arrived in Andalucia since the beginning of the war.

Andalucia Welcomes Refugees

Andalucia Welcomes Refugees

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine almost 10,000 refugees have been welcomed into Andalucia.  2577 Ukrainian chilren are attending school in the region, and 6895 adults have been rehomed with volunteer families and in hotels.

People in Andalucia have come together to help, with many opening their homes and others raising money and organising donations of household items.

The Junta de Andalucia has now formalised a decree to regulate the housing of refugees. Potential foster families will be formally assesed for their suitablitiy, ensuring conditions that offer safety and care for children.  Efforts are also being made to reunite children with family members.  The decree also requires that any children who have arrived in Andalucia without their parents must be registered with local authorities here.

Published: 18.05.2022

Written by Dave James.


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Andalucia Welcomes Refugees
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