Brexit Causes Confusion For Brits Returning To Spain

Brexit Causes Confusion For Brits Returning To Spain.  Some British people have been turned away from flights to Malaga because of confusion over Brexit and the green residencia document.

Brexit Causes Confusion For Brits Returning To Spain

Brexit Causes Confusion For Brits Returning To Spain

British residents in Spain have been experiencing difficulties returning to the country after Brexit.  Boarding at some airports has been refused because of confusion over the validity of the green residencia document.  Despite reassurances from the British Embassy in Spain and the Spanish Foreign Secretary, some airlines and airport officials have refused to accept the document as proof of residency.

One expat who has been caught up in the confusion is Stephen Meldrum who lives in the Malaga area.  He tried to board a BA flight in the UK and was told that the green residencia document is no longer valid, because of Brexit.  Mr. Meldrum was later telephoned by British Airways who apologised for the confusion, and offered him a replacement fight, which he will be able to use after taking another PCR test as the original is now out of date.

British Embassy Responds

The British Embassy have posted the following information on their Facebook page: “Having been in contact with the Spanish authorities over the weekend about the boarding problems faced by some UK [Nationals] wanting to return to their homes in Spain, pleased to share this important clarification from the Spanish Embassy in London. This clarification has also been shared with all the relevant airlines and ferries by the Spanish Embassy.”

British Embassy Travel To Spain

The British Embassy in Spain released this information.

The British Government have also updated their website with details of the documents needed to enter Spain.  The current ban on non-residents flying into Spain from the UK has now been extended until the 19th January.

Published: 04.01.2021

Written by Dave James.


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Brexit Causes Confusion For Brits Returning To Spain
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