Calima Unlikely To Cause Problems

Calima Unlikely To Cause Problems.  The dust cloud returns to the Costa Del Sol but is unlikely to cause any problems this time.

Calima Unlikely To Cause Problems

Calima Unlikely To Cause Problems

The calima is back on the Costa Del Sol, but this time it’s effects are far less severe.  Visibility is being reduced slightly and things appear hazy, but the chance of more sandy mud and rain is slim.  The phenomenon known as “calima” is a haze is caused by sand which has been blown from the Sahara desert.

Earlier this year the calima was accompanied by heavy rain which caused the sand to be deposited as a muddy silt.  This affected roads and visibility, and caused carnage with swimming pools and outdoor facilites.

Sand sandstorm dust dustcloud calima

Earlier this year the calima turned the Costa Del Sol skies blood red. Photo by Faye Carrington.

The haze is likely to remain in the air until Saturday.  The weather forecast is good, with sunshine and blue skies expected.  Therefore the calima is not likely to cause any serious issues.  Click here to see the latest weather forecast for the Costa Del Sol.

Published: 12.05.2022

Written by Dave James.


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Calima Unlikely To Cause Problems
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