Eight Municipalities Relax Restrictions In Malaga Province

Eight Municipalities Relax Restrictions In Malaga Province.  See the updated lists of municipalities with border closures and business restrictions.

Eight Municipalities Relax Restrictions In Malaga Province

Eight Municipalities Relax Restrictions In Malaga Province

The latest coronavirus incidence figures show that another eight municipalities in Malaga Province have now fallen below the 1000 infections per 100,000 people threshold.  These municipalities may reopen bars, restaurants, and shops after midnight tonight, though the perimeter borders must remain closed.  The municipalities are:

  • Alhaurín de la Torre
  • Almargen
  • Ardales
  • Benarrabá
  • Casabermeja
  • Manilva
  • Tolox
  • Villanueva del Rosario

Two municipalities have exceeded the incidence rate threshold of 1000 cases per 100,000 people over the last 14 days and will be required to close all non-essential businesses from midnight tonight.  These are:

  • Cañete la Real
  • Montejaque

Here is the complete list of municipalities in Malaga Province where non-essential businesses are closed (updated 09.02.2021):

  1. Alameda
  2. Alfarnate
  3. Algatocín
  4. Arriate
  5. Benamocarra
  6. Benaoján
  7. Cañete la Real
  8. Canillas de Albaida
  9. Cartajima
  10. Casares
  11. Cortes de la Frontera
  12. Coín
  13. El Borge
  14. Estepona
  15. Faraján
  16. Genalguacil
  17. Jubrique
  18. Málaga capital
  19. Marbella
  20. Montejaque
  21. Ojén
  22. Pizarra
  23. Ronda
  24. Teba
  25. Villanueva del Trabuco
  26. Villanueva de Tapia
  27. Vélez-Málaga
Non Essential Businesses Open

Bars and restaurants can open until 6pm in municipalities with an incidence rate below 1000 per 100,000 people

Municipal Border Closures

Border closures have been lifted today for another twelve municipalities as the incidence rate has fallen below 500 cases per 100,000 peopleThese are:

  • Alfarnatejo
  • Antequera
  • Árchez
  • Cútar
  • Istán
  • Iznate
  • Macharaviaya
  • Mollina
  • Periana
  • Torrox
  • Totalán
  • Villanueva de la Concepción.

One municipality in Malaga Province has exceeded the 500 cases threshold and will close the municipal borders at midnight tonight.  This is:

  • Alozaina

Here is the complete list of municipalities with closed borders in Malaga Province (updated 09.02.2021):

  1. Alcaucín
  2. Algarrobo
  3. Alhaurín el Grande
  4. Almáchar
  5. Álora
  6. Alozaina
  7. Arenas
  8. Benalmádena
  9. Benamargosa
  10. Cañete la Real
  11. Colmenar
  12. Cómpeta
  13. Cuevas del Becerro
  14. Cuevas de San Marcos
  15. Cártama
  16. Fuengirola
  17. Fuente de Piedra
  18. Gaucín
  19. Guaro
  20. Mijas
  21. Moclinejo
  22. Monda
  23. Montejaque
  24. Rincón de la Victoria
  25. Riogordo
  26. Torremolinos
  27. Yunquera

It is only possible to enter or leave these municipalities for valid reasons.  These include professional and business reasons, medical appointments, legal appointments, and caring for dependants.  The Junta will modify the list of closed municipal borders every Monday and Thursday.

Alongside these municipal border closures, the other restrictions currently being enforced are:

  • All non-essential shops and businesses must close at 6pm
  • All bars, restaurants, and cafeterias to close at 6pm
  • Social gatherings limited to 4 people
  • Curfew in place from 10pm to 6am

Published: 09.02.2021

Written by Dave James.


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Eight Municipalities Relax Restrictions In Malaga Province
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