New Estepona Town Hall Officially Opened

New Estepona Town Hall Officially Opened.  The striking new building features a slide between floors and sets new sustainability standards.

New Estepona Town Hall Officially Opened

New Estepona Town Hall Officially Opened

The striking new Town Hall building in Estepona has been officially opened by Mayor José María García Urbano.  Speaking at the ceremony last Friday the Mayor said “This is the culmination of 12 years of work”. 

The new building features a slide connecting the fifth and fourth floors, which is a nod to the embarrasing attempt to open a public slide four years ago which was closed after just one day.  Although only the ground floor is open to the public at the moment, the Mayor suggested the slide could be open to the public in the future.

Benchmark For Sustainability

Estepona’s new Town Hall is being described as a benchmark for sustainability.  The roof features photovoltaic panels which convert thermal energy into electricity.  These are different to solar panels which convert solar radiation into energy.  The lattice panelling on the sides of the building is designed to allow light inside but keep heat out, reducing the need for air-conditioning during the summer months.

Published: 15.03.2023

Written by Dave James.


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New Estepona Town Hall Officially Opened
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