Nightclubs Could Be Closed Again

Nightclubs Could Be Closed Again. Andalucia could join several other regions in Spain by closing nightclubs again in a bid to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Nightclubs Could Be Closed Again

Nightclubs Could Be Closed Again

Several regions in Spain have already forced nightclubs to close again, to slow the spread of covid-19.  Andalucia is now considering following suit.  The council will make a decision at a meeting on Tuesday.  Health expert Fernando Simon says that nightclubs are a hot spot for the virus, as they “could involve people from multiple places and cause a widespread transmission.”

The Andalucia vice president Juan Marin says that the council meets to review the situation every 15 days and a decision will be made based on the most up to date information.  “When we have all the information, a decision will be taken.  If necessary, on Tuesday.”


314,631 Confirmed Cases In Spain

Since the first outbreak of coronavirus was detected, Spain has recorded 314,631 cases with 28,426 deaths.  The Malaga area has recorded 21 new cases in the last day.  The region continues to fight the spread of the virus, with tough new rules for wearing masks in public.  Read more about this here.

Published: 23.07.2020

Written by Dave James

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Nightclubs Could Be Closed Again

Nightclubs Could Be Closed Again

Nightclubs Could Be Closed Again
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