New Coronavirus Cases Rise At Alarming Rate

New Coronavirus Cases Rise At Alarming Rate.  Over the weekend 8532 new cases were recorded in Spain, yesterday that number grew again by almost 1000.

New Coronavirus Cases Rise At Alarming Rate

New Coronavirus Cases Rise At Alarming Rate

The number of new coronavirus cases in Spain continues to rise at an alarming rate.  This weekend 8532 new cases were recorded, along with another 968 cases yesterday.  The areas with the highest number of new infections are Aragon, Catalonia, and Madrid.  The number of new cases in Andalucia yesterday was 154.


344,134 Confirmed Cases In Spain

Since the first outbreak of coronavirus was detected, Spain has 344,134 cases with 28,472 deaths.  In Andalucia there has been 20,697 confirmed cases with 1,451 deaths.  In the Malaga area there have been 5258 confirmed cases in total, with 289 fatalities. The region continues to fight the spread of the virus, with tough rules for hospitality venues and wearing masks in public.

Published: 04.08.2020

Written by Dave James

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New Coronavirus Cases Rise At Alarming Rate
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